Roof of roastery with solar panels on top

Wake Up Call

We’re flipping the switch on traditional coffee roasting. Gas roasted coffee, much like gas powered vehicles, is how it’s always been done. But electric is the future and we’re here for it.  Thirty-one solar panels power our entire operation–from the building to the roaster. That’s clean air roasting at its finest!

  • Illustrated roaster

    Less Energy

    Less energy to roast, same energy in your cup! Our electric roaster uses 20 times less energy than a traditional gas roaster.

  • Illustrated cloud

    Less Emissions

    We use one of the most highly efficient electric roasters in the industry, resulting in 85% less emissions than a gas roaster.

  • Illustrated sun

    More Sun

    Our roaster is 100% powered by solar energy. We are one of the only coffee roasters in the U.S. using solar energy from start to finish.

Sun Bean Roastery is owned and operated by Jenny and Billy Holland in Indianapolis, Indiana. We know we are just one small piece in a very large coffee journey and an incredible coffee community, and we are honored to be part of it.